Integration Course


The integration course is aimed at people who want to live in Germany but have no or very little previous knowledge of the language. Under the Residency Act, you are entitled to take part in an intergration course once, or you may even be obliged to take it.

The general integration course consists of a language course with 600 class hours and a so-called "orientation course" with 60 class hours.

Each module of the language course consists of 100 class hours. After the last module, participants take the test "Deutschtest für Zuwanderer"and receive their B1 or A2 certificate . In this course, you learn to use German in order to manage everyday life in Germany.

In the orientation course, you find out things about Germany, the political system, history and culture. At the end, participants take the test "Leben in Deutschland".

If you pass both tests, you receive the Integration Course Certificate .

The Federal Office for Migration and refugees has published an information leaflet available in many languages. You can find it for download here.

For more information and a placement test, please contact our office.


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