Corporate Courses and In-Company Training

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These training programmes are geared towards companies, state bodies and private institutions as well as universities, colleges and cultural institutions both in Germany and abroad.

We have been designing training programmes for effective language learning for over twenty years. These are based on the actual business requirements of our clients. Our main focus is on German as a Foreign Language, but English and other language training can be provided on request. The course contents are customised to our clients' individual specifications to guarantee the best results.

This means:

  • training programmes customised to our clients' specification with an emphasis on real-life communication (both in general language and technical terms)
  • liaising closely with the companies' human resources departments to ensure efficient course structures and regular feedback
  • qualified and experienced tutors who have received great feedback from their students
  • modern teaching and training methods
  • classes contain holistic and suggestopaedic elements in order to achieve a long-lasting effect by connecting the cognitive and emotional aspects of learning
  • additional E-Learning programmes (blended learning)
  • preparation for Goethe-Institut exams ("Zertifikat Deutsch", "Deutsch für den Beruf", "Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch International" and others) on demand
  • maximum efficiency - from the course design and specific general and technical contents to regular tests and feedback as well as interim and final reports to the company / supervisor


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Our school and our courses are audited by CertEuropa to conform to AZWV and have to meet strict quality standards.