IGeL Regensburg - IGL Prag / Mladá Boleslav

Efficient Language Training in Two Locations

For over twenty years, our schools in Regensburg, Prag and Mladá Boleslav have been closely linked. We are able to offer various different areas of support for Czech and German companies that have already established a co-operation or are planning to do so.

  • over 20 years of experience providing training for Czech and German clients in Prag, Mladá  Boleslav and Regensburg
  •  experienced tutors for German and Czech technical and work-specific language
  • programmes designed for maximum efficiency with regard to course contents and strucutre, location, and exams
  • maximum efficiency in the choice of location: for instance, Germany-based companies or institutions can book the beginners' level Czech in Regensburg and advanced level in Pague; Czech companies can book the beginners' German in Prague and advanced level in Regensburg.
  • holistic approach through a combination of tuition and leisure programme: our aim is to quickly establish a working knowledge of the language in combination with a varied and exiting leisure programme in Regensburg or Prague led by interculturally trained guides. This ensures the communication in a real-life context continues after class!
  • accomodation in hotels or host families

Your training turns into a holistic experience that strongly reinforces a lasting improvement in your language skills.

Intercultural Training: Germany - Czech Republic

These courses are aimed at companies and institutions that wish to ensure a harmonious, constructive and effective day-to-day co-operation between their German and Czech employees. Based on our extensive experience in intercultural exchange between Germany and the Czech Republic, we aim to examine in depth the differences in communication, social codes of behaviour and attitudes.


For further information please contact our offices Regensburg or Prague.