Courses for Young People

Do you want to...


….. spend your holidays learning German and having a great time?

….. learn to speak German well and fluently in a really short time ?

….. meet young people from all over the world and do exciting things?

….. get to know the country and its people on interesting excursions?

….. improve your German with effective learning strategies?

….. get better marks for German in school?

….. feel really good in a small, family-run school? 

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  • tuition with 20 teaching units per week, assignments and homework 
  • extensive leisure programme guided by native German speakers
  • sports on request (horse riding, soccer, roller blading, canoeing, swimming, bike tours etc)
  • group size: 6 - 8 students
  • groups are arranged by age: 12- 14 year- olds and 15 – 17 year -olds, maximum 3 years difference
  • small family-run business guarantees individual care of each student
  • oral and written final exam and certificate on request


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Bismarckplatz by night;
Radfahrer an der Donau;

Supervision / Insurance / Tutoring Programme

The young people are looked after from the moment they arrive right up to the moment they leave the country. Supervision is provided during school hours as well as in the afternoon and evening. We arrange insurance cover for each young person throughout their stay in Germany. This comprises travel health insurance, travel accident insurance and personal claims cover. There is no excess payment on any of these.

On top of that, parents can book our Tutoring Programme to ensure their child's every need is met and direct contact to the parents maintained. The children are assigned specially trained tutors (usually university students) who are available to them 24/7. Tutors get in touch with the parents before the student arrives in Germany and can be contacted by the parents at any time.

Course Fees

2 Weeks: € 1290.-  per person

each additional week: € 620.-

Course fees include

  • tuition (20 hrs/week), all books and teaching materials
  • final exam and certificate
  • accomodation in host families or guest house (shared rooms), full board
  • 3 leisure activities per week and 1 day trip on the weekend
  • supervision outside of class and leisure programme
  • health insurance, accident insurance and personal claims cover

Additional individual supervision (Tutoring Programme) : € 160.- per person per week

Course fees for group bookings available on request

Terms and Conditions apply.